Sleep Tips and Bed Guide For Fat People

With close to two-thirds of Americans now being termed obese, one of the lesser discussed issues such people struggle with is getting a good nights sleep. Sleep is essential for overall health, and those who don’t get enough often tend to be more prone to becoming overweight. There are few bed frames recommended by the experts for good sleep.  Fat people should use these bed frames for better sleep. So what are the essential sleeping and bed tips that anyone in such a situation must know?


Bed Essentials


Look For A Metal Framed Bed.


Overweight people simply need to have a sturdier support. While it is pretty rare for a wooden framed bed to break (unless it is very low quality) they will tend to warp over time and almost certainly start to creak in nearly no time at all. All those creaks and groans will inevitably disrupt sleep. A straightforward solution is to opt for a reinforced metallic frame that also included a central support (six legs instead of the standard four).


Choose An Appropriate Mattress

Just like you need a reliable frame, you need a thick and sturdy mattress that can accommodate the additional weight. Ideally, such a mattress ought to be at least 10 inches deep and when bought new should be a little firmer than average. If you simply can’t stand a rigid mattress, then only consider spring mattresses that have a minimum 2000 count. Less than this will cause it to become uncomfortably lumpy very quickly.


Look For Mattresses With Weight Specifics


Mattress manufacturers have clearly kept up with the rise in obesity, with a growing number now listing the ‘weight capacity’ of their wares under their guarantees. Keep an eye out for these especially if considering investing in a memory foam mattress. These are liable to ‘sink’ far quicker than standard styles if supporting much more weight than they are designed for. Remember also that memory foam tends to offer more insulation than standard, and can cause excessive sweating. A good mattress protector designed for ventilation can help with this.


Sleep Tips For The Overweight


Try To Sleep On Your Back


Generally speaking, sleeping flat out on your back is the healthiest sleeping position, yet this can be uncomfortable for those of us who are carrying some extra weight. The next best thing is to consider a sleeping ‘wedge’ that gentle props up the body from the base of the spine to the head. When supplemented with good quality pillows (thin and firm are best) these can provide a balanced means of stabilizing and supporting the extra weight.


Maintain Hygenic Sleeping Habits


There’s plenty of universal rules about how to get a good night’s sleep that many people still ignore. Perhaps the most important is to not eat or drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks at least two hours before bedtime. Try to only use your bedroom for sleeping and avoid using any electronic device (smartphones etc) in low lit rooms for a good half beforehand. Overweight folks should ensure that their room is ventilated and cooler than usual (60-70F) to avoid overheating.


Hopefully, these simple tips will help those carrying a little extra get some health-boosting sleep before too long.

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