Men’s Fertility and Male Factor Infertility

Acupuncture can improve male fertility problems

Research has shown over and over that having acupuncture when trying to become pregnant can be very helpful for women. Acupuncture research has also shown dramatic improvement with pregnancy rates during IVF. This is all newsworthy information, and the media has certainly picked up on it.

The media pays less attention, unfortunately, to how helpful acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is for men to have during this time too. Acupuncture can improve sperm motility and sperm morphology, and can increase low sperm count. These are the main problems under the umbrella term Male Factor Infertility.

“I’ve been coming to Dylan Stein Acupuncture for nearly a year with my primary focus around male fertility and secondary focus on dermatology issues.  As my wife and I had been trying to conceive, prior to coming to Dylan, I had two semen analyses tests performed.  In both tests, my sperm count, motility, and morpohology were all below normal.  After three months of treatment, which included herbs and acupuncture, but also significant changes to diet as a result of Dylan’s recommendations, subsequent semen analysis tests showed significant improvement in all categories, with all three measures (count/motility/morphology) rated in “normal-high” ranges.  Moreover, Dylan has been a wonderful advisor as my wife and I embark on our journey to have children.”

–SC, age 33


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