Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance Coverage for Acupuncture


Many Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plans cover acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming an increasingly common benefit offered by insurance plans. Acupuncture is safe, cost-effective and has great outcomes, which translates into happy, healthy patients. As acupuncture is becoming more mainstream in the U.S., insurance plans are covering acupuncture more often.

Acupuncture is known for its successful treatment of pain and musculo-skeletal disorders, like back pain, knee pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, and many other types of pain. Acupuncture is also beneficial for skin conditions (acne, eczema and psoriasis), men’s health (premature ejaculation, prostatitis, BPH and erectile dysfunction), and women’s health (menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, PCOS). I also use acupuncture to treat infertility in men and women to increase their fertility and/or support IVF/IUI procedures.

Dylan Stein Acupuncture takes Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plans.

Dylan Stein is a in-network licensed acupuncturist with Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This means that people with Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plans that cover acupuncture can have acupuncture and pay only a specialist visit copay or co-insurance, depending on their plan’s requirements. In many cases, this means people pay less that $50 out of pocket for acupuncture treatments when they have insurance coverage.

How do I know if I am eligible for insurance coverage of acupuncture?

You may already know that your insurance plan covers acupuncture, but most people don’t. Regardless of whether or not you know if your insurance covers acupuncture, I will check your benefits eligibility to confirm coverage. You can use the contact form on the Contact Page to submit all of the necessary information for me to confirm eligibility. The form is safe and secure. If you’re not comfortable sending this information electronically, you’re welcome to call the clinic instead. The number is (212) 863-9223.

You must submit your insurance information to be checked at least 48 hours before your appointment. If you haven’t submitted your information in time, you will have to pay out-of-pocket at the full cost for a treatment. We can rectify this after your coverage for acupuncture is confirmed.

If your insurance covers acupuncture, you will owe a specialist visit co-pay at the time of your visit. Your insurance plan may require you to pay co-insurance in addition to the co-pay or instead of the co-pay.

My eligibility for acupuncture was confirmed. What next?

The next step is to book an appointment. You can do that on the Appointments page, or by calling the clinic at (212) 863-9223.

If you have a specific concern that you would like to discuss with me beforehand, please either use the Contact form or call the clinic so the receptionist can pass me a message. I’m happy to talk with you before you come in.

If you have general questions about acupuncture, please visit the About Chinese Medicine page. You can read more about my particular treatment interests here: Dermatology, Men’s Health, and Pain Management.

To make an appointment with me for treatment, please go to the Appointments page or call the clinic at (212) 863-9223.