Myths about inversion tables

Inversion table and inversion therapy are some of the things that have been subjected to a lot of discussions. Some have agreed to it, and some have not. Many states that there are a lot of side effects to inversion therapy. The increase in pressure sometimes leads to excessive bleeding. This is the reason many advise people with the heart condition not to go for inversion therapy.
In spite many controversies people opt to buy inversion tables because of them because of the instant pain relief it offers. Before purchasing an inversion table make sure to go through the online inversion table reviews. Here are some of the myths about inversion tables.

The increase of blood flow in the brain

One of the biggest myths about inversion table and inversion therapy is that it increases the blood flow to the brain. Most of the people believe it because of the strategies used by the marketers. The fact is the brain needs only a particular amount of blood supply to it.  If there is an increase, the blood vessels will explode and if there is a decrease the brain will die. The increase in the supply of blood results in conditions like paralysis, eye problems, and various other diseases.

Increase in pressure results in an increase in volume

An increase in blood pressure is a medical condition that needs to treat. If the rise in pressure contributes to the betterment of the health, it wouldn’t be considered as a medical condition. In simple words, if there is people line that carries a fluid. The fluid may either a liquid or a gas. If the pressure of the fluid increases the volume of the pipeline doesn’t increase. So it is as simple as that the increase in pressure does not increase the volume of the vessels.

Menstruating women should have inversion therapy.

Male domination is all over the place. Thank god it is just a myth in regard to inversion tables. Many say that menstruating women should not have inversion therapy. It is because the procedure might affect the pregnancy and reproductive system. But the fact it is there is no proper evidence to support it. Changing the positions of the body is no way going to affect the pregnancy or reproductive system.

Spine decompression

When the body is tilted at a certain angle, there is the pressure that is acting on the spin. This no way decompresses the spine in any way. The spine decompression happens only when excessive weight is applied. It is just the gravitational force acting on the body. So decompression of the spine is definitely not the thing that happens during inversion therapy.

It is all about gravity.

One of the popular myths which are accepted by the major population is that gravity does all the work. We accept the fact that gravity plays a major role. But it, not just the gravity that is responsible for all the effects on the body. The angle in which the body is tilted also has an important role in it. It is the position of the body that decides the point at which the pressure will act.…