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Get your Autumn acupuncture tune-up now!

One of the wisest recommendations of Chinese medicine is to live harmoniously with the seasons. As the weather changes so should our daily practices, such as changing our diets to favor what’s in season and going to bed earlier with the sun. While the summer months were a time to be more active, the fall […]

Hormones, Green Tea and Hair Loss

Hormones affect the quality of our hair. Usually we talk about stress hormones affecting our hair, but testosterone also plays an important role because it gets converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Scientists believe that DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink. An enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase (5-AR) converts testosterone to DHT. When 5-AR levels are reduced, hair […]

Diet Tips for Acne Breakouts

Depending on the healthcare provider you’re talking to, you may get a different answer to this question: Does diet influence acne? I say, unequivocally, yes*! Yes with an asterisk? What do you mean, Dylan? Well, I mean there are two parts of our diets in particular that we have to be mindful of if we’re […]

Herbal Face Wash for Acne

There is a strong inflammatory component to acne breakouts – red, swollen, painful pimples, and even redness of the skin overall – so one of the most important parts of calming acne breakouts is to calm the inflammation. One of my favorite ways to do this is by using herbal facial washes. You can make […]

Acupuncture and other tips for hair loss

Most people wouldn’t guess it, but hair loss is a very common problem bringing people to acupuncture. Jinhee is a hair whisperer. I have had great results with both alopecia and thinning hair. All told, if you’re having problems with your hair, it’s worth a visit for some acupuncture to treat hair loss. In the […]

Neck and Shoulder Pain from the Trapezius

Jinhee posted recently about how living in NYC can be a real pain in the neck, and she’s right. I can’t count on all my fingers and toes the number of patients I see regularly who complain about neck pain. Neck pain with upper back and shoulder pain is also common. Usually, there are spasms […]

Treating elbow pain with acupuncture

I’ve recently had a run in with some elbow pain. :-/ About 3 months ago, I started a serious Ashtanga yoga practice, going to Mysore practice at least 3 times per week. I’ve noticed a number of major changes in my body and mind already. I’m so thankful for this practice, which is very different […]

Acupuncture for knees – treat the pain now

We’d be in big trouble if we didn’t have knees, but knees can also cause us big trouble. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints we hear in the acupuncture clinic. Knees don’t seem as delicate as other joints, but there’s a symphony going on in there. You’ve got 4 major knee ligaments […]