Acupuncture and other tips for hair loss

Most people wouldn’t guess it, but hair loss is a very common problem bringing people to acupuncture. Jinhee is a hair whisperer. I have had great results with both alopecia and thinning hair. All told, if you’re having problems with your hair, it’s worth a visit for some acupuncture to treat hair loss.

In the meantime, here are some tips:

  • Again, acupuncture is a great treatment for hair loss. Acupuncture improves circulation in the scalp, bringing blood and nutrients to the follicles.
  • Acupuncture is great, but acupuncture plus herbs are even better for treating hair loss. We recommend both topical preparations and herbal shampoos, as well as internal herbs in the form of concentrated granules and teas. Adaptogenic herbs to manage stress are also important. He Shou Wu is a commonly recommended Chinese herb, but I don’t recommended it taken alone or without supervision by an expert.
  • Scalp massage. Take a few minutes every day to gently, but thoroughly, massage your scalp. Get the blood flowing! The muscles on the head can get tight, which will restrict blood flow to the surface. Massage will help them relax. Some people also massage with castor oil, but I don’t have experience with it, so don’t recommend it.
  • Make sure you’re eating a diet rich in blood building vitamins and minerals, specifically iron, B12 (methylcobalamin only, if you’re supplementing), and silica. A great way to get the first two is to eat beef liver from pasture-raised cows. Dandelion and nettles are two culinary herbs both rich in iron.
  • Don’t skimp on the Omega-3s. I prefer fish oil over flax because fish oil is more absorbable. Whenever you can, eat wild salmon, mackerel and sardines instead of supplementing.
  • Try meditation. Stress is one of the worst things for your hair. Find a way to manage it as best you can.

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