Acupuncture for knees – treat the pain now

We’d be in big trouble if we didn’t have knees, but knees can also cause us big trouble. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints we hear in the acupuncture clinic. Knees don’t seem as delicate as other joints, but there’s a symphony going on in there. You’ve got 4 major knee ligaments and a number of minor ligaments providing your knee with stability while also allowing knee flexibility. You’ve also got 11 bursa in your knee and 2 meniscus. The bursae in the knee are responsible for reducing friction and the mensicus evens out the load of the weight of your body on the joint.

What all of that means is there are a number of places where you can run into trouble… knee bursitis, torn knee mensicus, torn knee ligament, inflammation and irritation of knee ligaments and tendons. Arthritis of the knee is also possible. When we living above our optimal weight, knee pain sets in relatively quickly. Running, jumping, and daily life can all contribute to knee pain. In the case of running, problems further down the leg or even up the leg closer to the torso can send pain into the knee.

That’s a pretty bleak picture. But there’s good news! Acupuncture treats knee pain. The knee responds really well to acupuncture treatments. There are over a dozen acupuncture points on or near the knee, so we can use acupuncture to increase circulation, stop local pain signals, and reduce inflammation in a very targeted way. Additionally, we have a number of herbal soaks and liniments that are easily applied to the knee so you can treat yourself at home in between acupuncture sessions.

Research confirms that acupuncture is beneficial for pain. We’ve, of course, seen this to be true in the acupuncture clinic. In most cases, an intense course of treatments (for example 6 acupuncture sessions in 3 weeks) is enough to get people well on their way to recovery. If you’re interested in finding out more, give the clinic a call to schedule an appointment.

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