Best positions for lasting longer during sex

Vanessa Marin is one of my favorite bloggers on sexual health.

She has a great post here about which positions will help men last longer during sex.

I see a lot of patients for premature ejaculation. The work we do in the clinic is very important to help men last longer, but overcoming premature ejaculation also requires people to do work outside of the clinic. Trying certain positions which decrease stimulation is a great idea. (Thanks, Vanessa for putting this all in one place!)

Another important practice to help you last longer is mindfulness during sex – deep and even breathing, getting out of your mind and staying in your body instead, connecting with your partner through touch and eye contact – and practicing mindfulness outside of the bedroom too.

And most important of all, try not to be hard on yourself. Easier said than done, of course, but getting down on yourself can make premature ejaculation worse.

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