A few of my favorite things – Dylan’s holiday picks

The holidays are upon us!

For the people exchanging gifts this year, here are some of my favorite products worth considering. Some of them you might not want to give away!

For your skin… I have recently fallen in love with DeVita Natural Skin Care. I use their professional strength line at home and also suggest it to patients. The caveat is you have to a licensed health professional to get these products. Fret not, If you’re not a patient of mine, you can still get your hands on this fantastic set of products. They have an online shop, which you can find here. I have very dry skin during the winter, so I’m using products with rose and hyaluronic acid. The Moroccan Rose Toner I’m using is one of DeVita’s top 10 for the year, actually. I doing the full regimen of cleanser, toner and moisturized, and I can honestly say that nothing has helped my dry skin as quickly as these products. It’s a real wonder. And that’s why I suggest them to patients. I’ve seen the evidence they work firsthand.

For your mind… Start meditating! You can find me at the Village Zendo a few times each week sitting with the sangha there. For people who prefer a more secular kind of meditation, there’s Insight Meditation Center. For the DIY-ers, I’d suggest either Pema Chodron’s book or Sharon Salzberg’s book. I always encourage people to find a place to meditate with others. Meditation may be sitting on a cushion, but it’s hard work. It’s always better, in my opinion, to have the support of a community while doing that work.

For your spirit… make a donation in someone’s honor or memory. Some of my favorite charities are Seeds of Peace, Family Equality Council, Southern Poverty Law Center, Catskill Mountain Keeper and Sane Energy Project.

For your tech obsession… I’ve got two suggestions here. 1, an electrical socket with built-in USB ports. I just ordered some for my home because I’m so tired of losing outlets to iPhone and iPad chargers. I ordered this one. 2, install f.lux on your laptop to save your eyes and sleep cycle from all that bright light at night. You can download f.lux here.

For your body… Well, this is a no-brainer – it’s acupuncture, of course! Acupuncture is one of the best gifts you can give. Acupuncture can also help you overcome holiday stress. And if you may have over-indulged, Jinhee can help with some detox and weight loss acupuncture using the MeiZen protocol. We have gift certificates available in the office, too. Don’t forget that many health insurance plans cover acupuncture. People with visit limits will have those limits reset on January 1st. So don’t hesitate. Come on in! You can make an appointment or have your benefits checked via our Contact page.

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