Simple detox cleanse tips for everyday life

My belief is detoxing and cleansing isn’t something that happens as an extreme eating diet week where we put our bodies through some crazy stuff. Detoxing and cleansing should be a way of life. I lay out a plan for that in The Best Detox Cleanse Around.

This post will talk about additional things you can do to help support routine, everyday detoxing that supports your body’s needs and natural processes, while also achieving your goal of cleaning out toxins.

  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast every day. Eggs are a great breakfast food because they contain complete protein. Egg yolks are rich in an nutrient that’s been found to be anti-viral, so eggs are also an immune booster. The cysteine in eggs will also help detox the liver. Most importantly, eating a protein-rich breakfast will keep your blood sugar more steady through the day. Avoiding the cycle of spiking sugar and the insulin response will reduce systemic inflammation and allow the body to put its energy towards other tasks, like detoxing.
  • Eat organic vegetables rich in fiber and prebiotics. High fiber vegetables will sweep the colon clean. Getting both soluble and insoluble fiber will also help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Prebiotic vegetables are those rich in nutrients that feed the healthy gut bacteria. When the healthy bacteria are prolific, bad bacteria are kept at bay. Examples of inulin-rich vegetables are chicory root, beets, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions, and garlic. Bananas are a source of inulin too.
  • Eat some soup every day. In Asia, soups are mainstays of the diet. In the US, not so much. The American diet is very dry. Soups are a great way to moisten the digestion. When you eat soups with meat and especially bone broths, you’re also getting gut-rebuilding proteins that will help nourish your digestion and repair damage from food allergens, processed foods and other irritants.
  • Eat certified gluten-free oats with freshly ground flax or sesame seeds. Oats are great for breakfast. They can be soaked overnight for a no-cook oatmeal, baked into breakfast oat bars, cooked as oatmeal, roasted into granola. They’re so versatile! I get soaked and sprouted oats from To Your Health Sprouted Flours so I know the phytic acid/phytate has been disabled and I don’t have to worry about soaking and drying on my own. Oats are great for managing cholesterol, they’re a great source of fiber, they’re rich in immune-boosting beta glucan, and they’re tasty!

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