The best Dairy-free ice cream

I’ve been gluten-free and dairy-free for about 8 years now (though I’ve worked hard to heal my digestion with a Weston A Price style diet, and plan to try raw dairy soon). And, as many of my patients will tell you, ice cream is one of my vices. I grew up eating it regularly, and I’ve missed it so much since going dairy-free.

Coconut Bliss has kept me company for about 3 years now. I will always love Coconut Bliss, and be forever grateful to its creators.

But you have to go try Raw Ice Cream Company‘s delicious vegan ice creams. Go, now! Run! The mint chip is insanely good. So are the vanilla and chocolate fudge. It’s very different than Coconut Bliss, which I’m glad for. There’s room for you both in my freezer. RICCo (hey, wait that spells “ricco,” like rich in Italian! Perfect!!) has a mouth-feel more like “real” ice cream. The flavors are reminiscent of traditional flavors with an updated twist, but not so updated that it seems inauthentic. Mint chip has cocoa nibs in it, for example. Seriously, go get a few containers and see for yourself.

And I wouldn’t be a responsible acupuncturist if I didn’t say this: eat ice cream responsibly. Your digestion will be better off if you have a serving during the day rather than at night. If you do have some at night, and you have sluggish digestion generally, I’d recommend chasing it with a cup of ginger tea. That’s what I’ve gotten in the habit of doing. Also, technically, it’s better to avoid frozen anything in the Winter. Sometimes you need a cheat day. So, if you’re going to indulge, try RICCo!

From now on, Raw Ice Cream Company is the official ice cream of Dylan Stein Acupuncture!

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