Spring is in the air!

Spring is springing a little more each day. I’m working on my Spring newsletter, buds are bursting, shoots are pushing their way up through the soil. Earlier today, I heard hawks crying out as they circled the wooded area across the way. Did you hear that sigh of relief?

As I sit here writing, do you know what keeps distracting me? It’s not the gorgeous weather. It’s my disorganized linen closet. I don’t think I should be surprised. We have the Spring Cleaning cultural phenomenon after all. Chinese medicine theories about Spring and the season’s influence on the body parallel our urge to clean.

In Chinese medicine, Spring is related to the Wood element. The organs of the Wood element are the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver is seen as making plans and the Gallbladder as the executor of those plans. Neither one likes to have an impediment blocking the path toward its goal.

Spring cleaning is about removing detritus from our lives so we can walk our path more freely. In Chinese medicine, letting go of things we don’t want or don’t need is more of a trait of the Autumn season, but we do it now so that we can harness the bursting Spring energy more readily.

Join me in taking on small projects that are cluttering your mental or physical workspace so you can achieve your Springtime goals. For me, that means a trip to the Container Store in the next couple of days. It’ll make a world of difference. Your Liver and Gallbladder will thank you.

Stay tuned for the Spring newsletter post in the coming weeks for more tips on healthy living in harmony with the seasons. And if you’re desperate for more now, check out my Winter into Spring post on Mountain Rose Herbs blog.


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