5 Foods to Boost Your Health Naturally

Boosting Your Health Naturally

So many people rush to pills or vitamin and mineral supplements to cure what ails them. Unfortunately, this is the nature of our society, a development of living a life cut off from our food and its sources. Instead of looking for a cure in a pill, whenever possible, I encourage my patients to look to their food for improved health. In fact, there are 5 foods in particular which can have a great impact on your life, bringing you even closer to maximal wellness.

I ask people: What if there was a way to modify your diet in a small way, and enjoy major health benefits as a result? Would you do it?

The odds are that you would, especially if those changes were indeed minor, easy to implement, and meant very little change in your daily diet or routine. Many of the whole food recommendations based on the research and teachings of Weston A. Price are proving to be quite beneficial. Even better, implementing many of his recommendations are quite easy to do.

In my booklet Boosting Health Naturally, I list the 5 foods you can add to your diet today to achieve better wellness tomorrow.

These 5 healing foods, the addition of which is the best change we can make to our diets, are:

  • Pastured, organic meats
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Lacto-fermented foods
  • Pastured butter and dairy
  • Coconut oil

These 5 foods will make a difference in your life. Eating them doesn’t mean taking anything away from your diet or otherwise depriving yourself of food you love. This is about making healthy substitutions to maximize your health and wellness.

In the booklet, I talk about these 5 foods and why you should eat them. I also discuss why the foods they replace are doing you more harm than good.

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