Foods rich in Calcium

The word Calcium makes most people think of two other words – bones and milk.

Calcium is essential for having strong bones and teeth. Calcium also plays essential roles in myriad other functions in the body, such as the function of the nervous system and the heart, and even in cancer prevention, according to research by Giovannucci et al.

The dairy industry in the U.S. has done its best to plant that last word, milk, in your head when thinking about Calcium. The truth is milk and dairy products have relatively little Calcium when compared to other non-dairy foods. A serving of yogurt has about 121mg of Calcium whereas a serving of almonds has 233mg and a serving of the seaweed hijiki has a staggering 1400mg of Calcium.

Many of my patients don’t eat dairy products for one reason or another, so I wanted to create a list of places where they could get this essential mineral instead of taking multi-mineral supplement pills. Follow the sign-up steps below to get a copy of my list of non-dairy foods high in calcium.

Just because you don’t eat dairy products doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of Calcium. There are lots of non-dairy sources of Calcium that also delicious foods. You should also check out my post on Bone Broth for more about how to get bone-building minerals into your diet. Enjoy!

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