Lurking BPA again

More on the studies on Bisphenol-A (BPA) that I mentioned here. In this blog post by Tara Parker-Pope, some great quotes from the researchers who conducted the canned soup study…

Dr. Michels noted that all the participants were fed amounts of soup that were smaller than what people probably would consume on their own. “One serving of soup is a not a lot,” she said. “They were actually telling us that that wasn’t even enough for their lunch.”

Study participants that the single serving of soup they were giving daily was not enough to satisfy them for lunch. If that single, inadequately filling serving increased urinary BPA levels 1221%, what would a serving large enough to reach satiety do?

But she also pointed out that the findings were probably applicable to other canned goods, including soda and juices. “The sodas are concerning, because some people have a habit of consuming a lot of them throughout the day,” she said. “My guess is that with other canned foods, you would see similar increases in bisphenol-A. But we only tested soups, so we wouldn’t be able to predict the absolute size of the increase.”

Yes, that’s exactly right. Bisphenol-A (BPA) isn’t only in soup. Beware all plastic containers. Beware all metal containers, too, because they are lined with plastic. If it doesn’t say BPA-free, don’t use it. Or just switch to pyrex tupperware containers. That’s what we use.

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