Acupuncture treats Autism symptoms

New research from China demonstrates scalp acupuncture treatment “has a significantly positive effect on language development in children with autism.” I have seen body acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to have significant effects in children with autism spectrum disorder. Chinese medicine is unique in that there is no standard treatment. Sure people with the same disorders have commonalities, but each person is unique. By treating each person as an individual, we are able to get better results than we would if we were applying the same general treatment to everyone. Now, I am sure you are wondering how to do you get kids to sit through a whole acupuncture treatment. Well, we don’t give them whole (i.e., long) treatments. We use techniques like shoni-shin (a massage-acupuncture hybrid technique using special Japanese tools), in-and-out needling, and magnetic patches over acupuncture points. Using herbal medicine is also helpful, and generally easy to sneak into food and drinks. I know a few kids who are happy to gulp down their herbs, including my own.

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