Time shortage linked to low happiness

Take some time for yourself! A new study finds that being low on free time, means you are also probably low on happiness.

The study found: “[T]ime affluence reduces the negative consequences of both materialism and compulsive buying in [the study group]. Specifically, moderate time affluence — i.e., being neither too busy nor having too much spare time — is linked to higher levels of happiness…”

Wait, wait. It gets better:

“The authors believe that ‘living with a sensible, balanced amount of free time promotes well-being not only directly, but also by helping to alleviate some of the negative side effects associated with living in our consumer-orientated society.'”

YES! We need to do this. We all need to build time for ourselves into our busy lives. Take one deep breath before you check your email. Let the phone ring one more time before you pick it up. Review the things you are happy for once a day. Journal about it. There are little ways we can steal a moment here or there back from our over-scheduled, fast-paced lives for stillness.

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