Yoga helps fertility

It is so nice to see articles about yoga and fertility, specifically yoga helping treat infertility, being posted by Western medical groups. Yoga really can help people struggling with infertility get pregnant. I have said a number of times, and I believe it is deeply true, infertility has a strong basis in anxiety and stress. We cannot conceive a new life if our organs and especially our gonads are bathed in stress hormones. It is just too hard to get pregnant when living a modern life that does not involved down time, Yin time. We need quiet and rest to overcome infertility because the womb needs to be a place of stillness and nourishment for the egg and eventually the fetus. So, if you are trying to get pregnant – even if you are not experiencing infertility – take some time to do a nice gentle yoga practice at least once each week. If you are in New York City, consider what I think is the best studio around, Dharma Yoga Center.

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