Beware a fully vegetarian diet

I respect people who chose diet for religious and ethical reasons, but I do believe choosing to be strictly vegetarian is harmful to one’s health. Chinese medicine dietary therapy would prefer you to have some animal protein now and again, and I would agree. Just take a look in your mouth. See those teeth? They evolved to be that way because we evolved to be omnivores. With that said, if you do not eat meat responsibly, I might come after you!

When we choose to eat meat, we need to eat grass-fed, pastured meat and poultry raised humanely. This is the only way. No CAFOs. Ever. We also need to eat meat as a side dish, not as an main dish.

Primal Toad, a paleo diet blog, sums up why vegetarian diets can harm one’s health, and why eating meat is beneficial. I agree we should all eat some meat, but I do not totally agree with how much meat paleo diet folks consume. Check out the article by clicking here.

The benefits of animal-derived Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA is discussed. The role of phytic acid in disrupting digestion is discussed. The importance of Vitamin B12 is also discussed. It is a highlights real of why we should eat meat and poultry and avoid an exclusively vegetarian diet.

I love the quote by Denise Minger on PT’s related page:

”There is no diet out there and you have zero evidence that only eliminating animal products from the diet can do anything for your health. There is not a single study out there showing that. The vegans will try to tell you otherwise but they are wrong. And if you ask them for evidence they will have nothing.”

Granted this is moving into a slightly too aggressive defense for me – live and let live, you know – but it is worth noting that there really is no research supporting such an extreme diet. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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