Stop that cold quick!

Chinese dietary medicine provides us with a delicious and easy way to stop a cold in its tracks. The trick is to catch it early, at the first signs of sneezing, shivering, chills, and neck tightness; this is known as a Wind-Cold type cold. This recipe is not appropriate for a hot/burning and scratchy throat, red eyes, and strong fever.

If the symptoms you’re experiencing fit the description, help yourself to a giant bowl of miso soup with extra scallions. Then bundle up to promote a light sweat. You can also try some mild to medium-spicy foods for a day.

When your cold symptoms are more on the Hot side – fever, burning sore throat, head and body aches, or yellow phlegm AKA Wind-Heat type cold – try a mug full of peppermint and chrysanthemum tea. If your cough is dry, the pear juice should give you some relief. Green tea is also helpful because it has a cooling nature.

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