Porridge for dry throat and cough

Autumn is steadily approaching. As we transition into this new season, the heat of summer is replaced by dryness according to Chinese medicine correspondences. We start to see things like dry nose and throat, dry skin and even dry cough without phlegm. This is because the Autumn is also related to the Lungs, which control the airways (this includes the nose and throat besides the obvious).

One easy way to help combat Autumn Dryness is to eat poached pears with a little honey. Another delicious and simple recipe is a pine nut (pignoli) and walnut porridge. You can use white rice porridge as a base (that’s 1cup of rice to 10cups of water, simmered for a few hours), and add about 2 tablespoons of pine nuts and a half cup or so of walnuts. Sweeten to taste with honey.

If you find that you are also a bit constipated at this time of year, feel free to add freshly ground sesame seeds or sesame oil. This will lubricate the intestines and moisten Dryness.

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