Chris Kresser on Natural Childbirth – Must Read!

I first learned about Chris Kresser when he was writing as The Healthy Skeptic. He recently transitioned that site over to The content is still top-notch. It’s definitely worth adding him to your RSS feed.

Every to-be parent considering natural childbirth needs to read his series on the topic. You can read the series by clicking here.

The depth and breadth of the material will make it so clear why natural childbirth is simply better (obvious exception apply in cases of high-risk pregnancies). With that said, the over-medicalization of labor and delivery has hardly helped outcomes for women in the US. Regardless of your position, it’s great to have so much peer-reviewed data aggregated in one place.

Want to know about risks of home-birth vs. hospital-birth? It’s there! Adverse effects of pitocin? Check! Risks of epidural? Also there. Go over and check it out!

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