LGBTQ Health: Bisexuals do exist

Thank you, New York Times, for reporting this important research about bisexual men! It is important to validate the feelings and attractions of this group publicly because they are so often marginalized by society, more so than their “gay” peers at times. This leads to poor access to healthcare when bisexual men do not feel comfortable talking about their bisexuality… they are too outsider to go to gay doctors or too embarrassed to talk to their straight doctors about gay sex. (I generalize, but you know what I mean.)

In a day when the CDC is reporting that HIV infection rates have remained steady for an entire decade, we cannot afford to have anyone at risk be marginalized or have poor access to healthcare. This kind of awareness, and subsequent sensitivity training for healthcare professionals to the unique situation of bisexual men, is key to stopping that.

As the same CDC data illuminate, we need similar efforts to publicly and “officially” discuss the issues facing black and African-American men leading to their increasing rates of HIV infection. I imagine this phenomenon has a great deal to do with poor access to healthcare in men on “the down-low” or DL, who cannot ask for HIV or STI tests without outing themselves to some extent, at least in their own eyes.

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