Health Tips for Autumn

Autumn is the season of gathering in and preparing for Winter’s rest. Now is the time to heal Springtime illnesses according the Classics. So, we work on hayfever and allergies now. From a Western medical perspective, it is also a good time to have your Vitamin D levels checked as we start having less exposure to the sun. Ask your doctor to check your 25-hydoxy Vitamin D levels. Most professionals say that a supplement of 2000IU of Vitamin D3 per day is safe, but speak to your doctor first.

The prevailing Qi of Autumn is Dryness, so we must take steps to prevent our bodies from becoming too dry. This makes a lot of sense too for modern living as we start to switch our heaters and radiators on in this season. Try a simple dish of warm poached organic pears in the evening or some extra honey in your tea. Another delicious dish for Fall is Kanten, a pudding-like dessert made from kudzu root starch instead of the typical agar. There’s a handy recipe on the back of most packages of kudzu root starch.

Autumn corresponds to the Lung and Large Intestine organs from a Oriental medical perspective. Two important aspects of these organ systems – the organs have emotions in this philosophy – are placing value and letting go. Take some time to let go of unwanted things around your home, clothes, and even behaviors. This relates to Springtime again, and our big Spring Cleaning sprees.

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