Studying with Adele Reising

I am studying with Adele Reising, LAc., this weekend. She is teaching about using Chinese medicine during pregnancy and for post-partum care. Adele studied in China for 2 years after finishing her Master’s at the same school where I am studying now. She focused on Orthopedics and Gynecology while in China, so she is nothing short of an expert in the field at this point. I am lucky to also be her office assistant, so I get to back-up the in class learning with practical application while I shadow Adele in the clinic.

One of the best parts of Adele’s seminars is her focus on the Western biomedical aspects of the topic, in addition to Chinese medicine of course. It is so important to be well versed in Western medical concepts because it allows acupuncturists to be better integrated into the medical community as a whole. Plus, where can you get a discussion on biomedicine and also talk about the philosophical aspects of conception and embryology!

I will post more about the class as we progress. I am sure there will be some widely applicable tidbits to share.

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